Gator Update

Good Morning Neighbors,


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has issued a 45 day permit to Mr. Dale Barnes, a licensed alligator nuisance trapper.  I met with Mr. Barnes yesterday evening, showing him several access points to the lake, primarily at the peninsula, spillway and the causeway areas.  He will spend the next several days observing the lake to determine the best locations to place traps to catch the alligator that is currently residing in our lake.  Once the traps are in place, they will be baited with fresh chicken to lure the gator into the trap.  If you live near one of the traps, please be cautious.


According to Mr. Barnes, our lake provides a prime location for an alligator to grow and thrive because of the abundance of food and comfortable places to hide.  It may take several weeks for the gator to be trapped and relocated.  If any of you witness any activity near the traps or in your yards, please let me know so that I can notify Mr. Barnes as soon as possible. Hopefully our young gator will be gone soon and will not grown into an adult nuisance alligator.


Please email or call me if you have any questions or concerns.  I’ll keep everyone updated, as I have information to pass along to you.  Thanks, and enjoy the day.


Sandie Norton