Alternate Side Parking Rules In Effect | Sleepy Hollow NY
  1. Parking Rules
  2. Parking on the streets is discouraged at all times.
  3. Vehicles shall not be parked on the street overnight (11 PM to 7 AM).
  4. Those parking on the street should make every effort to avoid parking directly in the path of a neighbor’s driveway.
  5. Parking is prohibited on any grassed area, including property owners’ lawns.
  6. Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers of any kind shall be permitted to park in the owner’s driveway for a maximum of three (3) days, primarily for the purpose of loading and unloading.
  7. Pool lot parking is intended for those using the pool; any other parking is limited to temporary parking, and spaces should remain open for pool use.  No pool parking should block access to the pool facilities.
  8. No parking anytime at yellow curbs.
  9. Any member of the Board of Directors may waive a parking rule to accommodate an extraordinary circumstance.  Additionally, the Board of Directors may have a vehicle that is in violation of a parking rule towed.